Volume - 7


July - December 2006


In memory of Dr.Badal SenGupta

Obituary to Dr.Badal SenGupta

The noted social scientist and a pioneering mentor of many of the NGO Leaders across the globe Dr. Badal SenGupta breathed his last on 5th December 2006 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was born in a fairly well-to-do family of undivided Bengal in the year 1938. At the age of 17, he was sent to Europe by his father, in order to study for an engineering degree, specializing in metallurgy and foundry. After completion, he decided for further studies in Economics and Sociology, at Kiel and Erlangen universities.........../p> Full Story www.odaf.in/sandesh/bsg.htm

Stop Sale of Orissa

Over the last decades many parts of India have witnessed major and intensifying conflicts around the issue of control over its natural in particular mineral resources. Orissa is one of the richest States in minerals where more than 70% of the people are under acute poverty. It is a paradoxical situation, as economic development is meaningless unless sustainable development with equity, justice and rights of the people are ensured. Adivasis and Dalits constitute 23% and 17% (40%) respectively of the total population of 38 millions of Orissa....................................

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Correlate NREGA With RTI

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) is being implemented in Orissa in stops and starts. But by pressing for information on NREGA benefits using the sunshine law, citizens are able to hold officials accountable and are able to remedy the situation by themselves in some cases.

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A struggle for Forest Land Rights

The struggle between the forest dwellers including Adivasis and the state is continuing since number of years. The forest dwellers are the natural inhabitants of the forest and therefore, their life is inseparable from the same. These forest dwellers however are poor, illiterate and innocent and due to this they are not aware of their rights relating to forest vis-a-vis their lives and ............

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Move to amend Tribal Land Law Dangerous

The Orissa State Government is proposing to amend a law that prevents easy selling of tribal land to non tribals. The governments argument that land sale is one of the important ways for needy tribals to raise immediate cash does not appear as benign as it sounds..........

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India Social Forum

With a strong notion of “A Justice Based Another World is Possible” – India Social Forum was organised at New Delhi from 9th – 13th November 2006 where nearly about 50,000 participants from all over the country as well as neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan were assembled together to put forth their demands ensuring basic human rights. The India Social Forum served as a common platform for all these participants who had come from different backgrounds. The forum specifically urged for expressing ..........

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The World Volunteers Conference

The World Volunteers’ Conference was organised at New Delhi from 9th to 14th November 2006. Nearly 600 volunteers from 72 countries had participated in the conference and it was organised by International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), United Nations Volunteers, People’s Institute for Development and Training (PIDT), Indian Association for Volunteer Effort and Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti. The objective of the conference was to orient the values of our lives on the basis of the principles of non-violence. This conference marked the centenary celebration of Gandhian Satyagraha. There was consensus among the participants that the world peace should be based on the Gandhian .........

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Programmes of Collective Forms of Cooperation (FCFC)

The Forum for Collective Form of Cooperation (FCFC) is an initiative of CFC partners of India and is a platform for mutual dialogue, exchange and learning from the experiences, insights and perspectives of each other, for the cause of enhancement and strengthening of the scopes and opportunities inherent in the CFC-Model. Apart from the National Secretariat based in Kolkatta, there are four regional CFC processes. The...........

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Visit of PWDS - DATA Team

A team consisting of 15 members from PWDS-DATA network visited the ODAF operational areas during 19th-22nd of July 2006. Following the briefing meeting at IRDWSI campus at Semiliguda, team visited in .....

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Capacity Building Programme of ODAF

The Capacity Building Programme(CBP) of ODAF is organised to enhance and strengthen the capacities of the second-line leadership of the Member-NGOs of ODAF with regard to their developmental orientation, knowledge and skills generic and comparative knowledge on concepts, methods and instrumentalities of development in-depth orientation on critical issues or relevant themes in the present context of Orissa, .......

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A Report on ODAF Bi-Annual Meeting

ODAF Bi-Annual Meetings are organised twice in a year corresponding to the half yearly reporting periods. Usually they meet in the month of June and November of the financial year. All the Team Leaders of ODAF, staff representative from member NGOs, secretariat staff and at some times representatives from communities attend these meetings. The 46th Bi-Annual Meeting of ODAF was held from 29th November to 2nd December 2006 at Pantha Nivas, Bhubaneswar. All the members present observed one minute ......

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Demand against the amendment in OSATIP

State Information Commissioner answering question related to RTI

Participants During the Bi-Annual Meeting

Participants in the workshop Stop Sale of Orissa