The transformation from the Drought Action Forum to Development Action Forum entailed a change in strategy i.e. more comprehensive, shift from alternative drought action programmes to alternative development action plan, shift from the project to the process approach, emphasis on revitalizing alternative knowledge systems and skills, intensive lobbying and advocacy work, interaction with other forums, Inter organizational sharing and planning, people's participatory processes and quality accompaniment

The broad operational strategy are:

  • Educational Assistance
  • Support to Gram Sabha Initiatives (PRIs)
  • Support to OAAA
  • Capacity Enhancement Measures
  • Media & Resource Centre
Sustainable Livelihood
  • Natural Resource Management (Land, Water, Agriculture Management, Community Forestry, Cross learning of knowledge and experiences,)
  • Income Generation (Self Help and Enterprise, Skill training)
  • Promotion of Marketing of agro-forestry produces
  • Other Developmental Measures (Community Based Innovative Measures)
Community Health
  • Community Health Measures (Focus on Women and Children)
  • Other Health Measures (Water & Sanitation, HIV/AIDS)
Advocacy Programmes
  • Advocacy Initiatives (Issue Based Documentation & Publication, Networking, Lobbying, Campaign and Alliance Building, Support to Affected Communities, training of media activists)