Vision & Mission

In the initial stages, the Forum consisted of the bi-lateral partners of EZE in Orissa. Over a period, it was extended to other NGOs recommended by the founding members. The uniqueness of ODAF lies in the nature of mutual trust and democratic structures established over the years. The process of decision making at all levels are participatory and transparent resulting in the evolution of a genuine Collective. The binding force stems from collective recollections of involvement in the past and a shared perception, experiences and analysis for a sustained people centered development.


“A just social order, ecologically sustainable, secured, self reliant communities maintaining harmony between humankind and nature, an interdependent holistic society in which human rights, dignity of women and men are equally realised through a sustained participatory process and a self governed community.”


“ODAF is a Forum committed to facilitate the process of empowerment of the Poor and the Marginalized especially the Indigenous Communities (Adivasis, Dalits and Farmers) in Odisha towards establishment of Self Governance, Ownership and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources. Development of People Managed Credit and Marketing System. Influence all Policies and Programmes of State, National and International Organisations affecting these Communities directly and indirectly and climate change victims. Realisation of Human, Socio-Cultural and Political Rights with Ecological and Economical balance, Gender and Social Justice, Quality of Life with emphasis on People Centred SustainableDevelopment in a given time frame from five to ten years”.