Empowerment of the people involves enhancing the levels of awareness about their immediate environment- relation between resources- access- livelihood and quality of life, and facilitating collective measures towards greater access and control to assert their rights. It envisages strengthening of people’s organisations to build up a critical mass on specific issues relating to greater community control and management of resources of their economic and cultural dependence leading to social transformation. The targeted activities include special education that includes focused topic of awareness on the linkage between the resources, livelihood and quality of living. This is targeted for women, not school going children, people’s organisations. Capacity building and networking again part of this programme with special emphasis on mobilization of women and their participation in these processes.

The Programme Strategies are:
  • Alternative Education
  • Strengthening Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI)
  • Capacity Building Programme (CBP)
  • Networking of Community Base Organisations (CBO)
  • Fellowship to Leaders
  • Information and dissemination