Community Health

The incidences of malnutrition, particularly amongst children and women, are high in the State. Iron deficiency, which is a major reason for high morbidity, is especially high amongst women and children. ODAF’s Community Health Programme emphasises on Preventive, Curative and Promotive health measures and addresses the health-problems relating to nutritional security and food security. It also has inter-linkages with SSL, Advocacy and Empowerment activities.

‘Preventive Activities’ refers to make the people conscious about the causes of the diseases, through health education and health awareness camps, distribution of awareness education materials.

‘Curative Activities’ means activities directing towards the treatment of the diseased. ODAF uses all available systems with priority on indigenous and approachable Ayurvedic, Homeopathy or Herbal medicines. It includes regular screening, treatment and maintenance of health charts and records and other health measures particularly for the U/5 children addressing malnutrition. Clinics are set up and Mobile health programme are being organized.

‘Promotive activities’ refers to the promotion of indigenous systems of medicines, home-based treatments. Under this cleanliness, sanitation and provision of safe drinking water are being taken up. Households are encouraged to grow vegetables in their kitchen gardens adjacent to their houses. Village Health Workers, Village Native Doctors and Traditional Birth Attendants are oriented towards uses of safe and scientific health & medicinal practices. Traditional Systems of Medicine are encouraged

The Programme Strategies are:
  • Health education and Awareness Camps
  • Curative Measures – Treatment of diseases
  • Capacity Building of Community Health Workers
  • Promotion of Indigenous Medicinal Practices
  • Provision of Safe Drinking Water
  • Sanitation Programmes
  • Encouragement for nutritious food