Sustainable Secure Livelihood Programme is one of the important components in ODAF’s strategy to attain its goal. It envisages to see tangible results and visibility in the area of minimum food and cash security as well as in other allied areas, such as improvement in nutrition intake, management and conservation of natural resources, diversification of livelihood options; enablement in judicious use of available resources, restoration and integration of traditional knowledge to different activities, restoration of tree diversity and ecology, etc.. The activities facilitated to attain this goal include land development at family and community level, forest development at family and community level, development of water sources, irrigation facilities, agricultural assistance, micro credit and capacity building, non farm income generation linked to local production systems and resource base.

Emphasis is to learn from the time proven practices with the communities; maximize out of the existing opportunities as part of a process of preparing the communities towards sustainable livelihood practices. Greater community controls and rights over resources of their economic and cultural dependence are also linked to this programme.

The Programme Strategies are:
  • Alternative Education
  • Strengthening Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI)
  • Capacity Building Programme (CBP)
  • Networking of Community Base Organisations (CBO)
  • Fellowship to Leaders
  • Information and dissemination